What Is A Bully?

Anyone who emotionally or physically hurts another person is a bully and bullies should be stopped immediately. Bullies seem powerful but they are often weak people who are unhappy with themselves, or they have an upsetting life themselves that leads them to making others feel bad to "big themselves up" or to make themselves feel better.

If you are being bullied the best thing you can do is TELL someone. Tell your friends, tell an adult you trust whether it be a teacher or relative, but TELL someone. The faster other people become aware of the situation, the faster it can be solved. Do not be afraid to tell someone. If the bullying is too bad to ignore, tell someone and get it sorted! Being bullied can make you a stronger person, whereas the bullies will remain weak and sad people.

In the end, there is only one winner: You!

Prejudice, Racism & Peer Pressure: How To Cope.

A lot of people can live life easy without having to worry about what people will think of them during first impressions, if they'll fit in the crowd, whether or not they will be accepted in a certain community or society, or if they'll ever make REAL friends. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of these people.

I'm a 15-year-old Asian, and I'm not ashamed of it. My entire life I have been picked on or teased by my classmates or people I met during social events, and as a young child, it really brought my self-esteem and confidence down.

It all started in grade 1 sure I had a few REAL friends, but the rest were just random people whom I didn't want anything to do with. At the age of 6, my peers would steal my pencil crayons, sharpeners, etc., and to be honest, that wasn't too bad. But once I got into grade 2, I had people in grade 5 picking on me because I was different.

By the time I hit grade 5, almost the entire grade level was against me, so being the young and sensitive person that I was, I would go home crying everyday because everybody hated me. During that school year, I had also got into a lot of fights which of course, the others started. I'm not the type of person who indulges in those things, but my peers kind of threw me in and forced me to fight them. They used to cuss and threaten me by saying, "Ugly paki who has a fucking beard and mustache, were going to kick your ass". I was surprised at how low they could get.

Every time something bad would happen, my mother would call the schools Vice-Principal to tell him what happened. At one point, I had complained to him about so many people picking on me, that he had actually started to go on my enemies' side by saying, "I don't think it's only them who are causing trouble. You must be doing something too." I got so hurt and angry with him for saying that, and I have never forgiven him for it. How would he know what goes on in my daily life?

In grade 7, it was time for me to move on to another school, High School, that is. The one I attend right now has over a thousand students, so I became very afraid of what it would be like. I thought there would be even more people picking on me. Obviously, the people who had gone to elementary school with me continued to do so, but nobody else seemed to say anything rude about me. As it turns out though, many of my friends during grade 7 and 8 weren't REALLY my friends, which hurts now to think that I trusted them all so much.

This year, I'm heading into grade 10, and I'm a completely changed person. People STILL often judge me by my skin color, my religion, my race, and even the clothes or make-up that I wear, but I couldn't care any less about it anymore. When I used to go home crying everyday, I was a child who didn't know any better. Now I have come to realize that people who pick on others (no matter what the reason) is because they want to feel superior to everyone surrounding them and they want everyone to know it. They get pleasure out of hurting others because that's the only way they can cope with their own issues in life.

My advice to people who suffer as I do: just ignore them. Yes, I know it is difficult to do so, but that's the only way they'll stop. They get fun out of us if we try to insult them or get back at them, or if they see we are responding to their actions. Try this for a few weeks (three at the most). If it doesn't work, then try to come up with witty and smart insults to throw back at them but make sure there's no cussing or violence involved, and that it wont get you in trouble!

Be true to yourself don't change your religion just because of what others say. Wear whatever YOU want to wear don't wear something if its not truly you, if you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in it or if you're doing it just to be cool. Go ahead wear clothes that are sooo last season! Who cares! If that's who you are, then stick with it! Don't let others judge you or bring you down, because you can be better than that!

I will leave you with 2 good quotes from 2 artists:

  • Don't let others determine who you are. ~ Isaac Hanson
  • Keep that chin up, you'll be alright ~ Savage Garden

Discrimination & Prejudicial Thoughts.

Have you ever been discriminated against because of your religion? Or because you don't have one? I'm just going to tell you my personal opinion about this. It makes me really upset when people are ignorant about religion and peoples background. I wish people would understand that everyone is equal. We are! Whether you are black, white, asian, green, blue, pink, or whatever, there are always going to be some good people and some nasty people. You aren't a murderer because of your race or religion!

I think that if you have something to say that is discriminating you can keep it to yourself, or if you are going to make a comment about someone's religion that you can personally back it up with evidence, and if you can't, DON'T SAY IT! It might sound like I'm blabbing on, but this happens to so many people, just because of a silly ignorance someone has. Discrimination because of race, sex, religion, even the clothes you wear happens every day in the world. People say things to hurt others, but I don't know if they realize how much it hurts.

This is my personal opinion, and I would like to challenge you to think before you judge (if you don't already), and just respect everyone, no matter who they are or what they believe in, dress like, etc. We are all human beings in this world, trying to live life the best we can. Remember: You'll never know a person until you crawl into their shoes and walk around in them for a day.

Guide To Bullies & How To Beat Them!

The first thing you need to understand, is that I am not just inventing this topic. This has been written by me - I am both a past victim of bullying AND a past bully. By writing this I hope to help YOU overcome any problems you are having relating to this topic. You should understand that:


It is a shocking fact that 72% of young people will have been bullied at some point during their school lives. Why is this? Well the first thing you need to understand is that IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Secondly, the things they say are for the most part NEVER TRUE. so do NOT listen to their insults!


This may come as a shock to you, but most bullies pick on other people because they are weak, insecure people themselves. There were two girls who used to pick on me; they called me fat, ugly, etc, basically destroying the little self confidence that I had at the time. The truth was that one of these girls had a troubled home life; her mother was an alcoholic and she was alone with her dad. The other was not strong enough to make her own decisions so just copied the other one, as she had no other friends. The follower who had called me fat before, recently got her "just desserts". I wont go into detail in case of offending some users. But it happened. It goes to show that those girls who pick on you are probably troubled souls who need to pick on others to make them feel better about themselves. Sad and stupid really isn't it?

I know this, as I have been bullied three times in my life. The second time was maybe 6 years ago now, but instead of being a strong person and overcoming the bullies (yes you are the strong one... not the bully) I BECAME a bully. This was the biggest mistake I have ever made and it is something I will never forgive myself for. People became mean to me, so instead of being strong and standing up to them, I became one of them. I started to pick on others to make myself feel better. I felt insecure about my looks, so I called others ugly. It was only when a parent had complained and I had got into serious trouble that I realized that I had become a bitch. I cried myself to sleep many nights even whilst picking on others, until I finally decided it was time to stop. It took me months to get out of the circle of mean girls that I had fallen into. But I finally did it. And although there are many people out there who will never completely forgive me (myself being one of them), I know that YOU ARE BETTER THAN THE BULLIES. Trust me on this one.


  • I answered back to mine once and in some cases this works. If they feel that you will stand up to them, they may rapidly back down. However if this does not work:
  • Try ignoring them. This may seem impossible when they are being so mean to you but if you DO NOT SHOW that their insults are hurting you (for example they call you a name) don't look sad or as though you will burst into tears. Instead just continue walking or doing whatever you are doing. Act as though they were not even there and chances are that if you keep ignoring them, they will see that their torments have no effect on you (even if they do keep this fact hidden) and they will get bored and leave you alone.
  • Another idea, similar to the one before. When they are mean to you, just smile at them or shake your head to show that you think they are immature, and then just walk away holding your head high. Continue this long enough and the bullies will get bored. It worked for me. And it worked against me during my bullying months. So TRY IT. Please... I know you can overcome the bullies.

FINALLY and this is the MOST IMPORTANT PART: If the problem is seriously out of hand, you really need to talk to a teacher or a parent. Once an adult gets involved or even better your school, you can expect that the bullies will be dealt with once and for all. If they know that you are going to stand up to them, they feel threatened and you will learn that they are not as tough as they once seemed.

NEVER become a bully. You will regret it.

In conclusion, bullies are weak, pathetic people who use you to try and fix their own lives. Do not listen to them. They talk total bullshit and it really is not worth worrying over. YOU CAN BEAT THEM.

Bullies Are All Around Us. This Is How You Can Deal With Some Of Them.

Bullies aren't just found in school. Unfortunately bullies are found everywhere, from school, at work and even to some people, the war on terrorism is viewed at bullying. This is not something we can get rid of but we can learn to cope with it.

  1. Don't act mean back, instead act as if he were any other person. An example is if someone says to you: "Loser!" You reply back with: "oh, hi! how are you doing?" Since he is trying to get on your nerves acting nice back would be the complete opposite response this person would expect thus confuse him.
  2. If someone is saying something about you, the best thing you can do is agree with it or even better is to top it. An example would be if someone tells you, "You had sex with this person you shut!" You reply, "yes I did. Want the juicy details?" Even if it is not true it will really shock them.
  3. Say "how is this effecting you?" or something around those lines. An example is if someone says "You are wearing a pink shirt, ha ha ha!" You simply reply "Ya, and this is effecting you, how?" This line will set them straight.
These things may not work with everyone but in most cases they do. It all depends on the person and how well they buried their better side.