Fighting Acne With ProActiv.

As a model, I am always on the search for new products to combat acne. The enemy! The oils that clog our pores and cause those ghastly red areas with white or black heads that plague our confidences and flare our insecurities.

I am happy to say that I have found a product that works.

Today, Proactiv Solution is the best selling acne prevention product in America. Many claim that it is not a skin care product, but rather a miracle worker - and the real life stories of the people who have used this product are there to back this claim up.

It has a simple approach: to kill the source of acne, and then provide the conditions to stimulate and renew healthy skin. Their approach has a history of providing thousands with clearer skin while other products use the same active ingredients, which are Benzoyl Peroxide, Glycolic Acid and Allantoin. There are differences between the products, shown by their differing amounts of success. For example Exposed, which uses all the products Proactiv uses, has less effective results. This is largely due to the proportions of the ingredients used and improper application.

Proactiv Solution is technically a "system." It uses three steps. The first, the renewing cleanser, ex-foliates the skin and attacks the cause of the acne. The second, called the revitalizing toner, unplugs the pores and the final step is the repairing lotion, which heals blemishes and prevents future blackheads.

If you are considering purchasing the system, or requesting your parents do, then it is in your best interests to know how it works. Briefly, acne is caused by hair follicles plugged with oil on dead cells, a common occurrence on our face since we have a lot of hair on our skin there. Bacteria thrives in your face's oily condition and when your white blood cells attack the bacteria, the area becomes inflamed and is seen on the surface as a spot. The technical name for this blemish is a comedo.

The renewing cleanser in Proactiv kills the bacteria, the toner prevents inflaming and the lotion stops dirt, which prevents future breakouts. So simple, you wonder why it took dermatologists all of eight years to discover it. Perhaps it's more complicated though because other high-end acne products, Exposed, Morad and Ronan & Fields, haven't grasped the concept and still lump all the ingredients together.

Before you purchase Proactiv, it is wise to consult a dermatologist or your family doctor before using the products. Some acne can be a result of other health conditions such as allergic reactions and the system will not rid you of this type of acne. Proactiv Solution claims to be effective against most types of acne, but before you clear the shelves of your local pharmacist for the US$40.00 a bottle product, remember that no product is a guarantee of clear skin. There are things that you can do that have proven to be quite effective when used in conjunction with Proactiv. Don't pick acne spots, whatever the type, wash your face twice a day, drink plenty of water, ice newly forming pimples, exercise regularly, sleep well and maintain a healthy diet. If you follow these tips while also using Proactiv, you will surely obtain the beautiful and clear skin that you may have always desired. I know I have, and my photographer agrees.