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Post by flavaoftheweak » Tue Sep 23, 2003 5:30 pm

ok so its a good 8 weeks into school, and i havent had my tetnus *sp?* shot. my mom put down on my physical and all that i had it done when i broke my arm in 99, which we really thought was true. i get a letter today from the school saying im temporarily excused from school if i dont get my tetnus shot by sep. 30, because the last one i got was in 93, and then i got excused from it because there was a shortage. im really laughing my ass off now. what do they think? im going to infect the kids with untetnusitis? i mean, come on. tetnus shots are only a way to cover up the schools ass, in my opinion. so they dont have to pay for the kid to get the shot in the hospital. awful really.

school systems these days are so bad. at least the one where i live is. my science teacher actually doesnt allow us to ask questions during class. we have to come to her with questions during the lunch activity hour, but thats the last half hour of school, and i get a ride home because we can leave if we want.. so i dont have time to ask her. shes really an awful teacher. grr.

my guitar teacher kicks ass, but we do absolutely nothing in that class. its a joke almost. the first hour and a half of every day is spent soley on waking my ass up, or falling back asleep, because thats about all there is to do in that class. but today was ok, i got to do my homework, and then we hung out in the teachers office and watched a bunch of strong bad and other things from homestarrunner. our classes are a joke.

all the freshman class from countryside was invited to go to tropicana field for a field trip tomorrow *wednesday*. you had to turn in your permission slip by wednesday, but i didnt have it, and as i was filling it out on thursday in hopes of begging my teacher to let me turn it in, i started reading the brochure on what the field trip really was. it was to have a man talk to about 4000 freshman about goals and how to not fuck up your life. not only this, but countryside was the only north county school invited. here in pinellas, north county are the *good kids* and south county are the *bad kids*. so all these white pricks from my school are going to be outnumbered by about 3000 black kids. im not racist in any way, but most of the kids from south county, coming from personal experience, are rough. Not only THAT, but it says this man speaks to gifted kids, troubled teens, educators, and business leaders alike. seeing that we are not a gifted group of people, we're heading for a speech day devoted to troubled teens. ha. AND to add on, the man speaking, ive known him. i went to school with him kids, ive been to his house... etcetc. so all in about one hour, i decide to stop filling out the form and save myself a day of torture. tomorrow, while everyone is sitting at the trop getting bored, me and my friends who arent going are gonna be hanging around my house, having fun.

its homecoming week this week. tomorrow is character day, dress up as your favorite character. since its fieldtrip day, and im only going for 1st period and then going home, im going to make an idiot outta myself and wear power rangers stuff. but anywho, the homecoming game isnt even friday. noo, the school board is too stupid to notice that friday is rosh hasshana, so they scheduled homecoming game for the 26. it had to be changed last minute to the 25, and now the game is on thursday, and the dance is saturday. i think its kinda stupid that even AFTER the game, theres still homecoming week, class color day... etc.. eh...

anywho, this was about 4 or 5 posts put together to save time. anyone whos had time enough to read how stupid my school is, good for you, you have patience. :)
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