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Movie Help!

Post by IceFalcon » Mon Sep 29, 2003 7:10 pm

my english class is doing short films in groups and it is worth a TON of points. so i can't afford to screw up on it at all. the film has to be between 12-20 minutes long and has to have all my group in it someplace. we can use extras if we want but the extras don't get any credit for the movie.

my group decided to do a horror since thats gona be the easiest topic to do. anything else would kinda hard to do in twenty minutes and look good.

anyway, the basic idea was that one of us, would get killed and somehow (on accident) and come back to get revenge or something as an undead zombie.

my idea was that characters 1, 2, and 3 get in a hunting accident which kills character 1. the other two leave him, too scared to report it. later, he comes back and kills an extra and scares them into running. character 4. (me) finds them and asks what they did to bring char 1 back from the dead. me and the other two get character 5, and a couple extras and find a couple ways to deal with our zombie on the loose. the main idea was that my character attempts to banish the zombie with a magic spell, but as we are trying too, the zombie attacks, kills me, and at least 1 extra.

now is where i am kinda stuck. :wallbash: i need another way to beat the zombie somehow, that doesn't involve too much effort. and i am kinda out of ideas. also, we need ideas for how to make the zombie look dead, ideas for shots, and anything else that people can come up with. gimme some help please!
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Re: Movie Help!

Post by SexyLittleDoll » Mon Sep 29, 2003 8:48 pm

Have one of the other characers come back from the dead some how. Last year in my english class we had to do something similar to that but it was like a remake of to kill a mocking bird.. but ne ways it was worth tons of points and we had to edit it and everything and it took forever to do. To make the zombie look dead use like white makeup and old clothes and stuff. U also through using the editing machine u could do it in black and white ... ohhh that would be cool. lol Good Luck, Mandy
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