Ok Here's About Me!

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Ok Here's About Me!

Post by RainDrops » Fri Feb 14, 2003 4:56 pm

General Info:

Name: Michelle

Nicknames: haha none...weird person...my friends call whatever they want!

Birthday: Dec. 3 87

Current Age: 15

Astrological Sign: Sagitarrius (sp?)

Chinease Zodiac: uh? i think its like a rooster but I don' tknow!

Physical Looks:

Gender: Female

Hair Color: um...like a dark brown blonde toward the tips (i dyed it once...or twice)

Eye Color: deep brown

Height: 5' 3" (hahaha..... I'm so short )

Weight: 119 lbs

Booby Size: um...34 C...lol

Family & Such:

Parents: bio mommy and step daddy...

Siblings: Brandon...(9)

Pets: uh..here's the list (4 birds I just lost one :'( 2cats and a turtle)

Your Car: my car?? hahaha!!

Favorites, eh?:

Color: blue and green

Animal: birds/parrots

Vehicle: anything that drives...

Flower: um.....ROSES!

Beer: um...no

Liquor: Taquilla! LoL um.....daquires (sp?) are SO GOOD!

Soda: Coke!

Food: i like food...I am REALLY picky though and it pisses my mom off...o well!

Book: Stones in Water

Author: hm..don't have one

Music Genre: any kinda currently rap..


Stuff I've Done:

Stealing: once or twice

Smoked: nope

Got Drunk: um...i used to like once a month but stopped in the past few yrs

Drugs Galore: no...although my friend is persuading me to try so weed...

Posed Nude: nope

Cheated: hahaha in which way for school yes! on a bf never

Mutilate Animals: no but I'll end up mutilating a worm and a frog and a pig in bio!

Idolize infamous criminals: No

Considered Crime-life: no

Considered bein a hooker: yes but it was a joke

Bein A Pimpette: no

Clinically Insane: yes! hehe nah jk...

Extracurricular Activities: softball, band <_<

Beliefs & Friends:

Religion: studying Wiccan

God/Devil: no

My Friends: what friends?

Aliens: hey there's a possibility of everything!

Love: its overrated!

Have Best Friend: Jess and Jess LOL!

Who's Advice Do I Seek: um?

Who Knows My Secrets: ACK! THEIR ALL MINE! no ones knows anymore...

Who Do I Cry With: my cats...

Wandering Aimlessly With Nowhere To Go...

or -TEAR-

I want to die....i really do....but I must live on....I'll stop cutting my wrists....I'll start eating and not throwing up...people are pushing for me....I can't let them down...I have to stand stong...will you stand with me?

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