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Home Schooling

Post by gcfreekfan » Tue Jul 20, 2004 10:41 am

Ok....my cousins live in this little hick town in uttah or somthing....they are an hour away from a grocery store....and the only social life they have is at church or with their siblings. Their all older than me......but ok when they came up here i was talking to the boy a year older than me and he started preeching me!! Why?? becouse i was watching quer eye for the streight guy (I mis spelled like every word so far....sry!!) Then i was talking to one of my guy friends on AIM and he sat down next 2 me...i didnt even think about it, but he was reading my messages, adn i didnt know it! I typed in you sh-it face to my friend as a joke and the kid gassped! i was like....w/e their must be somthing on the t.v i didnt think about it. Then my friend Im'd me and his screen name at the time was like flamingfaglol or sumtin ( hes gay and its what we call him as a joke...he duznt care) he was like....wuts up sweety and i was like having a reg. conversation...then my cuz' goes OMGosh! Hannah ur gay?? I started laughing i was like no...im straigt...hes like then why did that gay chick call u hun? I started telling him off then my grandma came down stairs and was like HANNAH?? i was like...im sry but he's bugin the shit out of me....his mom comes down screemin that i was cusing...me my grandma and sister started laughing.....then she goes this is the reason u don't go to regular school ud be exposed to people like her...then i screemed at least he'd be exposed....she '''freaked''

Does anyone easle get this?? that homeschooling...the way they do it is kinda wrong......the kid doesnt have any social skills. hes 15 and thinks cusing is bad?? I can understand if his parents are protective but what are they hiding their kids from? The world????? his mom still reads the back of all the movies to make sure their is no violince, things against god or cusing....what does that leive them with G movies?? i just think kidds & teens need a social life so they know the world...u no??

PS: none of my fam. is like that....their dad is my grandma's brother and she watchs' replays of beivis and butt-head with me!

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