I Transferred My Senior Year Of High School...

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I Transferred My Senior Year Of High School...

Post by woohyuk » Tue Oct 03, 2006 7:03 pm

I dropped out halfway through my senior year of high school last year because of depression issues and now I'm repeating it again this year at a different school.

But it's proving to be challenging because I am use to getting high grades. I just got back my second marked assignment/test this whole year and my freakin ap bio teacher gave me 32/41. This is by far the lowest mark I have ever received and I can't seem to understand why because it was a silly little lab.

I think it is because I was partnered up with one of the dumbest kids in the class that don't take school seriously. Honestly, when he was suppose to vibrate the sow bug chamber he was just literally pounding it. This just totally messed up our lab results.

And the funny thing is I opted to go with another group but my teacher switches me to partner up with him (whom I knew would be a nuissance to work with). She said "I think it's only fair for Woohyuk as a new student here to work with Joe Bob." And of course the whole class laughs cause they know what kind of a dolt this kid is. Either my teacher has a very weird sense of humor or is very evil. The only thing I can think of right now is punching something because I was aiming top marks this year like I do any year.

Plus I have no real friends right now whom I can talk to about homework and school and stuff. This may sound sad, but life just got really terrible after receiving that lab back. I'm feeling really depressed and stressed out again like last year.

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Re: I Transferred My Senior Year Of High School...

Post by Fishhead » Wed Oct 04, 2006 1:03 am

Have you spoke to the teacher about the issues your facing with the lab partner? If you haven't, give it a try. Try not to sound too whiny though, tell her real examples and then tell her what your goals are for that class this year and that you feel this lab partner will be a hindrance.

Also, if you don't understand WHY you got those marks, you should arrange a time to meet privately with the teacher to discuss what you did wrong so you won't make those mistakes again.

If you ever need help with the class I'm in it aswell and would be more than pleased to help you. PM me if you'd like, most AP classes seem to be pretty uniform across different schools. For example at my old school I have a friend who is taking it and I'm taking it in a totally seperate area of my state and we study together online all the time. :)

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