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Post by Eleri » Sun May 25, 2003 1:52 am

Okay, guess I may as well write something here...not sure what, but anyway.

I'm 15, a girl and...yeah, I guess that's about it. :P
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Re: Hello...

Post by Hara-Kiri » Mon May 26, 2003 3:12 pm

Welcome to Teenhelp 15 year old girl :P

I hope you enjoy your time here...

pm anytime...

To feel the wind tearing at my clothes, the elements.

The only truth left in a world of lies and hypocrisy.

The beauty of the abyss.

The anticipation, like anticipating the greatest sex, an existential foreplay.

Looking down into oblivion and voidness.

The ground far, far away as it seems from here, but in reality only a couple of seconds away.

Standing there.

Feeling eternity in a restricted world.

Feeling a decision in a prefabricated existence.

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Re: Hello...

Post by emotionalcutie » Mon May 26, 2003 3:56 pm

Hey! Welcome to TH...if u ever wanna chat pm me! I always like to have ppl to talk to :rolleyes:

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