Im A Muderer- Ants

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Re: Im A Muderer- Ants

Post by Sosa » Tue Aug 12, 2003 1:55 pm

wow reading all that just makes me wanna kill ants way though when i was over my ex g/f's house a few weeks chillin with her we were talkin n she saw an ant on the table and got it and took it outside and let it go. i laughed at her for a lil while but still why do all that to save one ant.who cares if an ant lives or dies or even a person for that matter.thousands if not millions die everyday on this earth of perfectly preventable deaths.i think we should worry about that before worrying about upsetting the delecate process of nature by the killing of one insignifigant i dont liek them cause they attacked me once in the woods when i was playing paintball and it was fuckin painful when u got red ants biting your legs

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