Interesting Experience

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Interesting Experience

Post by flavaoftheweak » Sun Apr 27, 2003 12:19 am

well, there was this restaraunt in town called pastels... my family used to go there alot... but it was bought by some new people, and they moved it two shops down, now its called olivia's. well we went there to eat tonight, and its been about 3 years since we had been to the old pastels and our first time at olivias. we ordered our food, and a gay indian-looking man brought us our salads. he stops for a second, looks hard at me and goes I KNOW YOU! i look back, thinking i have no fucking clue who the hell you are. he goes, i remember you from pastels. you used to come in with your parents. you were soo skinny and tiny *not like im not tiny and skinny now thank you very much* and little... now your grown up! i was like holy shit man, get a life... you're making me think your my stalker or something... haha i didnt say that but thats what i was thinking... yea so this guy remembered be from 3 or four years ago... freaky... just though id share this weird experience with you... and i was wondering if this has ever happened to any of you before?!?!


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Re: Interesting Experience

Post by LonelyAsYou » Sun Apr 27, 2003 8:03 pm

lol thats never happend to me before. but this waiter always waits us at a chinese food resturaunt and pulls on my brothers ears all the time.
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