I Remember As He Walked Away

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my faint pulse
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I Remember As He Walked Away

Post by my faint pulse »

well, it finally happened.although i can honestly say i never even saw it coming.

my boyfriend or a year and a half just broke up with me because he "didn't love me anymore."

it's just hard for me to comprehend because we seemed so in love, and were planning to get engaged and had things planned out and everything.

i don't know where things went wrong.and through all of this i try to keep an outward opinion of things so i don't get caught up in my own emotions.he was one of those great guys that seemed like one of a kind.he never gave me a chance to fix things, though, and he says he hates talking to me now...i just don't know how we made such a 180 from what we were from just a month ago

i just REALLY need some comments from people that have gone through the same thing...

if you have been through someone for a while..and things were pretty set in stone..and for seemingly no reason you guys aren't together anymore, can you please tell me your story?it would really help me out to hear that i'm not the only one (which i know i'm not)

thank you so much!!



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Re: I Remember As He Walked Away

Post by sugarhigh543 »

You are NOT the only one. Everyone gets dumped at one point or another. I was with someone for a yr and a half, and I got broken hearted. Guys more often than not just don't know what it is that they want. They take us girls for granted because they are immature and don't realize how good they have it. It's been about 9 months since my ex dumped me, and he is just now realizing how much he misses me. I was almost tempted to tell him I missed him too, but then I realized how much happier I am now!! I may not have a boyfriend at the moment, but I have dated so many other types of guys since him, and realized a lot about myself and guys in general. But trust me, at some point in time he will realize how good he had it and come crawlin back. But by then you will be so happy and so far over him you will give him a taste of his own medicine. Either way you will find that you CAN be happy without it and there is life beyond this guy. There's a reason people break up. Just cuz your the one who got dumped doesn't mean you have to be miserable about it. Trust me you will find a whole new sense of happiness because of this. It will make you stronger in the end, and in the long run it will be a positive thing, not a negative. Hope I helped :) Talk to ya later....
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