How To Talk To Him

Have a major crush on that special girl but she doesn't like you in the least? Are you in love with a guy who doesn't even notice you? Whatever it might be, ask here. We'll give you some advice.

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How To Talk To Him

Post by SadAngel2005 » Mon Feb 06, 2006 12:12 pm


the guy that i was talking about the other day, today he sat with at breakfast(well some of our friends were sitting there too,but he sat next to me) well i also just saw him in the hall at our Highschool and he smiled at me. i have done some small talk with him. just small stuff i know that he wants a tatoo and he is the same age as me. i find that i can't say much that is smart i feel afraid that if i say something that he may not like then he will hate me and that will brrrreak my heart. when i have spoken to him i feel as though the words i want to say won't come out and then there are times that i can't even talk to him i just sit there and stare if he found out that i like him i would die. i want to ask him out but i have no courage and i was raised to believe that courage wasn't the absents of fear but the conquest of fear. but i don't know how to do it.please help also i wish my friends could help me with this matter but again i am afraid that they might tell him that i like him and mess things up for me. plus they would tell me that he is out of my range and that i should forget him what to do.
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Re: How To Talk To Him

Post by Dobby » Mon Feb 06, 2006 12:53 pm

ok, first thing is a list of suttle things to look for to see if he likes you:

He'll look at you, until you turn around, then boom, he's looking the other way.

You may 'feel' like he's watching you - but he's hard to catch at it.

He may do something physical - like grab you in a play way, poke you, play with your hair.

He may be working really hard to pay attention to you, but doesn't quite know how.

He may ask a friend of yours about you - he'll say it's just for "friend of mine" that wants to know about you.

He talks to everybody else - but when you're around he turns silent, or chokes up.

You seem to accidentally bump into him a lot of different places.

He may not say a word to you, but he shows up in the same line, at the same movie, etc.

He'll give you a little smile from across the room, but if you get near, he won't look up.

Basically - the BIG clue is that his behavior changes when you're around (compared to when he's around his buds or other girls).

DEAD Giveaway - when you talk to him he turns red.

Those are some give aways that I know of that I stole from a website and yes they are me on this. I notice myself doing them, thats for sure. Any who, I would give advice on the friend issue but I'm much more outgoing and friends were never involved in my dates so sorry, but I will say this. Regardless of what they say, friends are not always right in there way of thinking. Most of the time they only judge by looks. If they think he's out of your league that's because they either think he's cute and might want him themselves, or they are going off the general idea that all good looking guys are pricks. Well, according to my girl friend and many other females I know that is not the case in certain people.

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Re: How To Talk To Him

Post by Stuck911 » Mon Feb 06, 2006 2:36 pm

MAybe him knowing wouldn't be a bad thing. I mean it's better to know if he likes you or not then for you to just keep on guessing about it. Ask some of your friends about it, try to talk to him more if you can.
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