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I Feel Like I Was Just In A Movie....

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 12:32 am
by Cindy
You know those Teen movies where the girls like at school or a party, and she thinks the guy of her dreams is walkign over to her to talk to her, and as he gets closer she smiles and like does something, then the guy walks past her and gives her that "and you thought I would do something like that" look?

Well that happened to me tonight, but not at a party or anything. Me and my fianc? was sitting on the couch, having an argument (like normal on how when I'm in ahappy loving mood i get playfull and flirty and he HATES it). so here I am laying beside him pissed off cause i was trying my hardest to make him happy and he just throws it in my face, and he starts to lean over having that "I'm sorry" look on his face, so I sit there waiting for him to kiss me, and the fucking grabs the glass of pop beside me and gives me that "Ha ha ha you thought i was gonna appoligse! Think again" and then puts the pop down and goes back to his little "i'm pissed so i'm ignoring you!" thing! Cna you beleive that?!?!? I felt so foolish! I ended up spending the rest of the night half in tears, till he finally said "i'm sorry" (I told him to never say that hes sorry inless he realy means it). By that time i was crying. Now i know forsure how thoese girls in the movies or in real life felt. god I still turn red thinking about it! I can't beleive that he did that to make me into a loving mood! AUG men are so annoying at times!

Re: I Feel Like I Was Just In A Movie....

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2003 12:09 pm
by She
Haha.. I would've punched him or yanked his hair out of his skull if I were you :P

That is incredibly uncool, what a bastard.