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Posted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:40 am
by Human
My family is different than some but it isn't the worst family out there. I have a mom and a dad. They are together. I have three older brothers. My parents were married to someone else before they met each other. My mom had a son, lets call him b1, when she wasn't with my dad. My dad also had a son, b2, when he wasn't with my mom. Then they got married and had my other bro b3. Their ages are b1-35 b2-35 b3- 18. My mom is... crazy isn't the word I am looking for but it'll do for now. It runs in her family but they don't notice it. My mom is the most sane in her family. She has mood swings, is depressed, believe that I have "magic powers", and she remembers things wrong or she has no memory of it at all even if it happened an hour ago. (Like she remembers it like she wants too.) My dad is slightly racist and sexist. He doesn't trust females. He has cheated on my mom once but that is water under the bridge. He tells me ALOT of secrets. I have never told one of those secrets. b1 is married. He also has a kid somewhere (happened way before he met his wife) I have never met the kid. I think we aren't allowed to see it. I am not close to b1... I don't trust him. He has done bad things in the past and he always makes empty promises. He lives in CA. b2 has a wife and two daughters. The oldest is 2 years old and the other one is almost 1. I am not close to b2 but I prefer him over b1. He rarely ever talks to me and I almost never see my nieces. His wife is from a rich family but I don't think she likes us because we aren't rich.... at all. b2 lives in TN. b3 doesn't like b1 or b2. I even think he hates them. I am VERY close to b3. He is my best friend. He ha a girlfriend who is awesome. He is also an artist. He even did a painting of me and it will be in the White house soon. I love him very much. I think he is the best big brother ever. He lives in TN and is going to his first year of art college this year. I have two dogs Hercules and Apollo. Recently I moved to from TN to CA with my mom and dad. This is because b1 started a company and wanted mom and dad to be co-owners. b3 got to stay in the house we live in, in TN. b3 refused to go to CA because of b1. Mom and dad also made me leave the dogs I've raised since they were born with b3 in TN. I did not complain. I had to leave all my friends in TN. I did not complain. I didn't want to cause trouble. Now here I am living at b1's house with my mom and dad until we get a house. The only thing b1 and his wife had done was try to get some info out of me. I miss b3, my friends, and dogs like crazy. I haven't said one single compliant. My dad came in here telling my that I was putting him and mom against each other. It was my fault for their arguments. That hurt. Sometimes I think that if I was a boy it'd be different. Also b1 and his wife hasn't paid my mom or dad yet. it has been two months. Also at my old school in TN I had this world lang. class I signed up for that would be REALLY good if I was accepted. I had been looking forward to it for a long time. I got an email a few days ago and it said I was accepted. Even though I can't take I was glad to know they accepted me! So later I went to read the email again. Mom had deleted it. I asked why and she wouldn't answer me. I tried talking to someone about it and she said "She probably realized that they sent it to the wrong person." Also I have been having nightmares... bad nightmares at night were I wake up kicking and punching. I tried to talk to my friends in TN about it but hey don't care. Mom and Dad just brush it off. I try to keep connected with my friends in TN but it seems like they don't want to. Also before I left a girl I kinda knew told me "I hope you die on your way to CA." Of course my friends snapped at her for saying that. My mom scares the crap out of me but I love her. I can't tell her anything though because she'll use it against me. She blames me when people fight for not preventing the argument. She says very hurtful things at times but at other times very sweet things. Also I think That b1 and his wife screwed us. This is only a small 3% of what is going wrong. My mom's family believes in "magic" and think they can do it so they try to put "curses" on Dad, b3, and me. That is messed up. Sorry I just needed to get a few things out of my system. Other than this and uh other things life is good. Sorry for the rant.