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I Don't Know Where To Turn.

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:27 am
by KindallKati
So i am new to this but I feel like i am about to loose it.  I am 18 and i wish i could say i come from a perfect family but i can't, i come from a broken one and i just need someone to talk to.  My parents are divorced and whenever i would have a problem with one i would go to the others house but all that changed when my step mother beat me up last year and my dad kicked me out of his house because he said i was lying.  now i llive full time with my mom but thats not so great either seeing as most of the time she is yelling at me for one reason or another.  there will be times that i can be just sitting in my room minding my own buisness when she will come storming into my room yelling at me.  half the time i dont even know what it is i have done to make her so mad and it seems i am the only one she gets mad at.   and i am not allowed to cry when she yells at me either becuase she says it annoys the hell out of her.  I have a 14 yr old sister who has some issues and my mother thinks she can do no wrong even though my sister has threatened to kill me with a piano bench and i got in troublle for it. i have nowhere to turn because it seems that i cant make any of my parents happy (and i have THREE of them) i just want the yelling and other things to stop!