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My parents don't know anything about me and if they find out they will most likely kick me out of the house.

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 3:15 am
by notfallinginmotion
I am an atheist. (I don't believe in any sort of god, for people who don't know the meaning. Furthermore, being an atheist doesn't automatically make you a jerk.) My parents are strictly religious, to a point were it just becomes ridiculous. My parents drag me to my overly religious church every Sunday. My church has also decided to make it their job to make sure I stay in the service, and contact my parents if I leave the service. Which all I usually ever do is sit outside on my phone, which is honestly much more respectful than sitting in service using my phone. I rarely ever left the church, I only left if I was with a friend who wanted food. In total I would only usually leave the building in general for not even twenty minutes. I get it they want me to go in service and believe in Jesus they are trying to do their job, but it seriously gets annoying when you are constantly baby sat! I would seriously love to stop going to church. The problem is if my parents find out I am atheist I will either be kicked out, or sent to christian counselling. On top of this whole list of issues one of my closest friend's stopped going to the church. It is because she was gay and one service they were using homophobic language/hating on the community. I am bisexual/pan (I use bi as a umbrella term) I don't wanna go to that church anymore! I mean can you blame me? I am not however, saying all religious people are douches. Some of my best friends happen to be religious, and I don't mind that at all. It isn't the fact that I hate religious people or God that I am atheist, it is the fact that I just can't believe about something or things above playing the sims with 7 billion people which makes me an atheist. My parents do however know I am not straight, but I have never introduced them to a girlfriend I have had. My parents think I am clueless and stupid about life so they choose to not worry about the stupid shit I do and say. My parents also don't know that I have had my fair share of drugs, or that I am depressed, or that I am pretty suicidal, that I have been bullied, I have self-harmed, been sexual assaulted/almost raped etc. My parents can't know anything cause if they find out my situation will only get worse, or they will disown me.