I know mom loves me, but...

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I know mom loves me, but...

Post by Pet_Pupz321 » Sat Nov 05, 2016 1:21 pm

Hello I'm new here and I have a problem. So I live with my mom dad and sis, but things got down lately. I've been having a bad grades since I went to 8th grade and I have a reason: I don't have time.
I am in school, then in music school and was in karate until 1.11. I need to study piano 4 hours a day. That is not the main problem, thou. Its my mom. This school year was gross, I know. I didn't tell her grades which means I'm scared of her. I'm scared that she will yell at me, that she will ground me, etc. She always does. Now she thinks she is in control. She even told me and my sister that. My mom was good until I went to the 8th grade. Btw she grounded me because I got D and I corrected it to B and u know what?! SHE DOESNT CARE! When I asked her when I am grounded she said that I'm grounded until I have A's at school. THATS RIDICILOUS! Btw I'm grounded just like my sister
We can't use internet when we r in school, when I said that we need internet 4 homework she said that she DOESNT CARE! I am home only 2 hours per day so, how am I going to study?! Oh and she is telling me that I play games and I don't play games, u know what she said?! YES U R DONT LIE IN FRONT OF ME! I like drawing so I said that I am going to draw when I'm grounded and u know what? She said that she is going to take that if I don't study. Wow. I just want to have a relationship like we had before. I want her not to say in front of me: I AM UR MOM U NEED TO OBEY ME! U WILL DO ANYTHING I SAID OK?! When I said I dont want to go to a pool and go clean up our apartment she said: NO, U R GOING TO POOL! OR IF U DONT WANT TO GO TO A POOL, I WILL TAKE AWAY MUSIC SCHOOL FROM U! That hurt because I want to be a piano teacher. I really dont know what to do.
Please help.
Pet Pupz

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