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Im Pregnant What Should I Do Now

Posted: Sun Jan 26, 2003 8:08 pm
by Sky
Your Pregnant, Your a teen, Your paniced!!!!!

What can you do!? Well there are 3 ways of dealing with a teenage pregnecy

1. Have the Baby and raise the child

Doing this can be hard!!! You have to feed the baby , listen to it cry (even if it annoys you to death) Have to change the baby's diaper alot, and have a job/money a house you know suitiable living conditions. Teens are sort of like babies them selves they need love and attention and support. And what will you say to your child when he/she asks "what did you do when you were a teen?" wouldent you rather say "Hanging out with freinds, Proms, Go to concerts" than to say "changed your diapers, listened to you whine, and fed you." It takes a whole lot more than love!!!

2. Have the baby and put it up for adoption

This is the easiest solution to deal with teen pregnency. You know the baby is going to a good home (or the adoption agentcy wouldent let them adopt the kid) and some adoption programs have monthly progress reports! So you can see how your child is doing, and somtimes you may even get to vist your child!

3.Have an abortian

Aborting a baby is removing the baby before birth surgicaly before birth. The baby dies 99.8% of the time depending on the circumstances. Many religions are againest abortian and so are many people. Abortian May have long term and short term Physical and Emotional side affects. 70% of women who have had abortians say they were depressed for a while others say they felt feeling of guilt. 80% of women feel pain in their lower abdomen for about 2 weeks. A few women about 10% said they had irregular menstrual periods. Like any other surgery abortian has risks.

How can I choose?

If you are having trouble deciding what option you feel like you need to do talk to your doctor or partner. If you feeled pressured into an option and you really dont like that option call Child Protection Services . Remember you have the freedom of choice