Please Help Me...

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Please Help Me...

Post by miraclesleeper » Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:51 pm

Hi, I know it sounds a bit insane, but this is extremely serious. Is it normal for a bi/gay guy to have sexual thoughts for a short period during puberty about his own father? Im a 18 years old bisexual male, and yesterday I just suddenly mentioned to myself that somewhere between 14-15 years old, for something like a few months, I was sexually fantasizing about my father.

im so freaked out now. is it normal? what does it mean?? please help me, im really anxious.

BTW, I might have some grammer mistakes, sorry about that...

dont get me wrong, I didnt really wanted something sexual with him, or tried to seduce him, but thinking about his body used to get me aroused.. I dont think I even fantasized about doing something sexual with him, but, again - I got aroused by his body.. I never wanted to act on these thoughts. I dont think I was even included in these sexual thoughts.. I mean - it was just images of his body.

im not aroused by him anymore. as I said - it was a pretty short period of time(few months I think), a few years ago. it really passed, but for some reason its freaking me out now.

my life is pretty normal and I was never sexually abused or something like that. I was always fine with my father and always liked him as a father(even at the period of time when I had sexual thoughts about him). theres even a girl that I love and sexually attracted to, but in these last two days I cant think about nothing but the anxiety and the fear.. please help me. is it common for bi/gay guys to have sexual thoughts about their father for a period of time in their lives/during the puberty/when they're pretty newly aware of their sexuality?

im afraid that it means something about my relationship with my father, or makes me exlusively gay, and not BI as I always knew, or thought I am (because I never had any sexual thoughts about my mother or sister, but also not about my brothers, and I can be aroused by hetero porn and I get an erection while hugging the girl that I love or while fantasizing about her).

please, please help me.

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