I dont know where this belongs

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I dont know where this belongs

Post by Ana » Fri Jul 06, 2007 12:33 am

:confused: Okay so my exboyfriend, who broke up with me little over a year ago, called me last night crying telling me he had made a horrible mistake that he knew that he loved me and couldn't just get over me. and without my love he was worthless and that if i didn't take him back he would kill himself. i told him that i had moved on and found someone who was good to me and treated me right, my ex was mentally and physically abusing me. i loved him and stayed with him even though i know it wasn't good for me. after he broke up with me i spent a good 9 months feeling bad because i loved him and he left me. we were together for 3 years and we where engaged. we were going to get married yesterday. but i told him that he shouldn't kill himself just because i wouldn't go back to him, that he would find someone new like i did and it would just take time. i get woke up this morning by a friend of his and his roomate , asking what i told him. he left a note on his bedroom door saying, do not bother trying to wake me up, this is the one time i wont be here, i will never be back, i will never be the same, i loved her and she didn't care, so i am going to take my life, because without her i am nothing.

they broke the door down to get into his room and he had killed himself. i dont know what to i feel responsible. my current boyfriend told me that he was really messed up to do that, and in no way am i responsible. but i haven't even been able to think straight right now.
Loves Chris with all my heart. without him i do not know where i would be. he is my savior and someday i hope to help him like he has helped me.

I love you chris.

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Re: I dont know where this belongs

Post by anonymous08 » Fri Jul 06, 2007 9:08 am

hey there.

wow, i really don't know what to say. other than i read, and i care.

but i do agree with your boyfriend. it sounds like this guy was extremely unwell, and it's not your fault that he commited suicide. nothing other than intense mental help could've helped him. in fact, if you had done anything, he probably would've only ended up hurting you worse.

i am very sorry that you lost someone, and i realize how crazy things can seem right now.

but please just remember that this is not your fault.

i'm here if you need to talk.

You couldn't be suicidal if your life depended on it.

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Re: I dont know where this belongs

Post by FiZzBaW » Fri Jul 06, 2007 6:00 pm


I'm sorry that this has happened. I know regardless of what we tell you, you are going to feel some connection to the issue and what happened, but there is really nothing you could have done. Sounds to me like you did the right thing, especially if while you where together he was abusive. You deserve someone who will treat you right.

Grieve if you need to, but don't take the blame. He sounds very unstable and being with him would have only been detrimental to yourself.

-Best of wishes with your future

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