I Am Alone In My Defeat

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I Am Alone In My Defeat

Post by TheLastKiss »

grrr. i hate being lied to by friends. i know i'm not the most honest person in the world, but at least i never lie about anything important. geez. so someone told me something about my best friend. i would assume that my best friend would tell me about it if it was real, but than again he lies 50 bajillion more times than i do and frankly i don't trust him to tell the truth about some things, cause he has a habit of telling me what i want to hear. well the person who told me this big secret lies all the time just to make me upset, they enjoy other people's emotional pain. so i don't know if i should believe them. the thrid party involved has a huge mouth and it would be all around school within a day if it was true. so i don't know what to do. sorry if this is confusing, i jus didn't want to write the whole big secret.
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Re: I Am Alone In My Defeat

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Small suggestion,

Since i do not really know the specifics all i can tell you is to talk to your friend and let him/her know how you feel about this situation. This usaully resolves things rather quickly if you are willing to take the first step and engage the conversation. If you care to be more specific It is likely that i could help you more.

-FiZz :)
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