Saying "I Love You"

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Saying "I Love You"

Post by HumanNature » Wed Dec 18, 2002 6:55 pm

I have a couple questions here...

in your oppinion what is the average length of time a couple dates before they say they love each other? like how many months? (how long were you dating before you said it??... your friends and other people you know??)

what are some cute or interesting ways to tell someone you love them (ie. sticky notes around the house saying "i love you"... while they were in the shower writing it on the steam of the mirror)? Do you have any more ideas? or any interesting stories about when someone first told you they loved you?

And lastly, what do you think love is?

Or how would you describe it???

How do you know when you're in love?

also, any poems/quotes/stories about love that you know?



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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by She » Wed Dec 18, 2002 8:38 pm

To be bluntly scientific about romantic love:

The feeling love is a chemical reaction in the brain triggered by certain external stimuli that cause one to feel a "high" of sorts. It may be traced back to the instinctive urge to mate, and the sensation is one that is meant to further our want to mate.

This combined with a close feeling of companionship and friendship for the other person creates what we know as love. :D

Not that that's right on what I believe.. but I guess it is in a way. A feeling of companionship combined with attraction physically and emotionally. Just not so cold and heartless-feeling-sounding.

I never thought it was some event to be surprised with or that needed a cute presentation. It's just something people say. But that's just me.

Lessee, my first "I love you" was two weeks maybe after we'd started dating... too early.

And I don't think I've gotten one out of my current two month relationship. Maybe once (I don't know for sure if I heard him right), about two weeks in again - but I tensed up when it was said and I think he knew it.

So it hasn't been said since, and I'm fine with that. No reason to drop the L-bomb 'til you're sure you're comfortable with it. And that's what it really comes down to, whether you're comfortable saying it, because it means something different to everyone so it's hard to tell when you're "ready" - whatever that exactly means.

My favorite "love" quote is, "If you're going my way, I'll walk with you." Since romance and things of the like aren't priority #1 for me, it fits well. Because I'm not going to plan my life around someone, but if they don't want me to and they won't either then cool.
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--Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by Barbies are Evil » Wed Dec 18, 2002 9:51 pm

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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by *mel* » Wed Dec 18, 2002 10:51 pm

I don't really think there is any specific time! Just, when you feel it is right. :D and I really don't think there needs to be a cute way to tell them. (for the first time) Just a special one. Maybe cute ways of reminding them though. But yeah, that wasn't much help, huh?

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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by oneforthemoney » Wed Dec 18, 2002 11:27 pm

This is my point of view.

First of all - I just wanna bring this out - it happened to me countless times. I would date a guy and after a week he'd say "I love you" . My attitude whould then turn to "yeah right", "that was a bit fast", "no I'm not sleeping with you". ....usually when they say it THAT quick, it's not from the heart but their head (or crotch) ;)

I don't think there's a time limit to saying "I love you". You could know your boy/girl friend for 4 years and then only date for 2 months and say "i love you" by meaning it because you really do since there has been a friendship for so long. But I think the right time to tell someone you love them is when you know EXACTLY every little thing about then...when you seem to find yourself liking every little thing about them that other people won't find attractive. As in, the way she looks without make up in the morning, the way he whispers in my ear, the way he makes a complete ass of himself, the way she sleeps, the way he breaths when he sleeps, the way she talks ...smiles, his attitude - consideration for your needs before his own, just friendliness, support. Many of my friends skip this part and go for the killer looks on some chick, or guy. People say "I go for personality" but now their like "that doesnt work anymore", Sure everyone would like to date a hot chick, or a hot guy...but you don't always get what you want. Sometimes the thing that attracts you about a person is ofcourse...your ability to get along, have something in common and ...the famous personality issue.

There's also different "I love you's". Those that you joke around with when someone tells you to "screw off"...and you reply with "Yeah, I love you too" .

Then there are those mom and dad "I love you" because you're my parents. And the other family "I love you's".

Then the friendship "I love you" - I would do anything for our friendship, I treasure it alot and you mean alot to me, if we are ever apart we're always together by heart -...blah blah.

Last but not least - the Relationship "I love you" . You shouldn't say I love you for the things he/she buys you. And "I love you" isn't always sex either. Sex is comes when you are in love or when you've reached that "I love you" part in a relationship. And of course, relationships shouldn't always be based on sex.

My shortest relationship when someone told me they loved me was 2 months. I've always known the person but we were never really friends, until one summer. After that , no turning back, we discovered an amazing friendship.....and then I wasn't the first to say I love you, but that person was...and it hit was one of those quiet "I love you" whispers, and you could tell it was meant with every effort. I thought it was a bit short, but then I heard myself saying it - I knew I meant it the same way. Well it's a fair time after now, and the "I love you" still has the same affect on me now than it had back then.

I feel like crying... :'( :wub:


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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by mike » Thu Dec 19, 2002 8:17 am

There is no real average time, It depends on how long they have been friends or known each other. Most people I know start saying that sort of stuff after about 2 months.

A cute way to tell them is if they are learning another language, Use Altavistas translate function and translate your message. Make sure you translate it back and make sure it still says the same thing before sending it though :lol:


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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by iHEAVENn » Fri Dec 20, 2002 5:23 am

[FONT=Courier][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue][B]Well heres a poem i wrote out of sadness: *_*_*FACES*_*_*

as i wake to a new day i put on a face.......

this face to which shall stay........

for at least one more day......

no one knows its just an act........

if they found out would they think different of me?...

so ill keep this face on, for at least one more day.........

as the day fades away, i take this face off.....

for if i got to used to this face it would break the thoughts which im hideing deep inside...

now im alone, inside a crowded room...

none of my friends see the sorrow, that i wish they will not borrow..

for this pain is to great for any person to feel......

as i lay alone in sadness i depend upon the stars above....

no one knows to where love shall go when it leaves u.....

but once love finds u i shall hope that u will not have to borrow one of my many sorrows...

instead u shall keep all the things that meant to me.....

what i could not say u shall say......

what i could not do u shall do.......

what i could not have u shall have....

in the end u will be the one with out the secret face which hides a great disgrace...

in other words say how u feel before its to late
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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by raine » Fri Dec 20, 2002 2:06 pm

Love is like , say, a string of thought, binding two people together. Hate is like the opposite magnet force that repels. Still, hate and love both link a person. It's something to think about.
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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by skaterGuy15 » Sat Dec 21, 2002 5:57 pm

saying 'i love you' should be special enough in itself without having to do 'cute' things to make it more special. well the first time you say it anyway. after that...knock yourself out with the post-it notes.
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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by DreamPixie » Sun Dec 22, 2002 1:37 pm

hmm.....well i say "i love you" and stuff, and basically "i love you" in random cute ways to most of my friends and ppl....or like when i'm play-fighting with someone i'll go *i love you, [name]* hehe....but i do love my friends, and i hope they know i mean it :0)

i was going out with one guy for a few months, dumped him at the beginning of tthe summer kinda, and got back together at band camp [a few weeks before school started back, like the end of july]. the first time he said he loved me, we were having a couple of problems, like he knew i liekd someone else, and that just caused probhlems between us [why i dupmed him the first time, and ultimately why i've been wishing for our relationship back since like january]. he wrote me a note of a list of things saying *I'm sorry....* *i'm sorry...* down an entire page and i remember the last thing was like *And I'm sorry to have to express my feelings with "I love you."*....I was sitting on a podium outside of the band room in the morning, and he handed me the note, and i read it over, and he was standing below me the whole time. I got to that point and just started crying, and I'm pretty sure he held me. I wish I could say that made everything okay, but like I said, that's the relatinoship I've been wishing that I never ended. :'( I'm so stupid..........Anyways, we had been dating since March [well we took a month or so off] and that was in the fall sometime after our first kiss I'm sure [that was in October] maybe like 8 months? Whatever, the time doesn't matter, like everyone said, it's when you feel right.

My best friend says he loves me a lot, and I don't think I like that. From time to time, it's sweet, because I know he does love me, but the more he says it, the less I want to say it back, because it seems to mean less. [He told me last night he doesn't come here anymore, *meep*, I hope that's true, or that could be a not-very-good thing.]

Tick, tock;

counting the days

Till another relationship

blows up in my face. <-loverly quote, no? haha

um....i can't really think of any quotes/poems right now....anyways *peace*
~The best thing about being happy is thinking that you will never be unhappy again.

~Life's too short to be anything but happy.


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Re: Saying "I Love You"

Post by Dave875d » Sat Dec 28, 2002 3:04 am

My opinion is that there shouldn't be any cute ways that someone else can tell you to use. Love comes from your own heart. It is an expression of complete care for another person with no expectation of anything in return. Basically, you can express your love in any way and even if they didn't even notice you, you would still always love them and try to show it. I have found that I only express my love for Nadia when I feel it(which is constant). Whenever I am with her sometimes I will just hold her hand and look into her eyes and I don't have to say anything; she just knows what I feel. I can't tell you how to express your love; it comes from your heart to the person you want to show it to. When you show it, it will come naturally. Always go with the flow, it expresses true feelings.
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