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:blink: dont ask lol :blink:

even at night i hear u

i can still feel your touch

i still see u in my dreams

that boy who lived so long ago

or was he just in my head?

the one who allways made me laugh

the one who could break dance

the only person i came to know who could make me cry

i never knew what to do when i was looking in your eyes

i allways thought u said i love u to make me feel speacial

i thought they were just lies

all those phoney smiles i gave

all those times i said how i thought u didnt even care when it turend out u did

all those creepy alibis

i used to sleep so good at night

now all i see is your face

never knowing if ill see u again keeps me in suspense

hopeing for another day when i can taste your kiss

only wanting you near me

feeling lost,unwanted,and alone

i allways thought it would be me and u

i never thought it would be u and her

i guess somethings never change,for if they did u would have stayed

u never said u were leaveing

but then again u never said u would stay

i never pictured the day when u would walk away

in the end my heart's to blame

for if i said the things i dared to say,maybe u would have stayed...

:blink: need i say more? :blink:
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