Young Confused And No Control

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Young Confused And No Control

Post by smlltwn_chick »

Alright being a freshman at a little school in Podunk USA is never the most exciting thing. Unless you just moved there from a bigger city and your the only lesbian in your school. Homophobics everywhere. No one knows up here that I'm gay but I want them to. I'm scared of what they will say or think because its already half way through the year and most the people I'm friends with even not friends with would be appauled. I just don't know what to do. Not only that but I have no control over myself in these situations, I'll find myself staring at one of the cute cheerleaders or one of the girls on the basketball team and I look around to see if anyone has noticed.

Do I tell anyone?

Keep to myself?

Just leave things as they are?

We've all been at the point in time when we're young and have everything and nothing to loose. Gay or not I need help from you on what you think I should do.
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Re: Young Confused And No Control

Post by clovers88 »

it's totally up to u. if u don't want ne one to know don't tell them. or u could just tell some of your really close friends if u r kinda nerves about what everyone else would think.
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Re: Young Confused And No Control

Post by Mrs_Scabtree »

Hey hun! Yeah I know how you feel believe me I do! I'm going through the same thing and I am a Senior in High School. I was absolutley terrified to tell anyone about it beause I was afraid of what people would say and how they would react. Thank goddess that I have a friend like studly_cheer_boy. He was the first person that I told at school cause I was hoping that he would atleast understand. And he did! :) Eventually I got up the gumption to tell some of my friends and they were totally excepting of it. Now a lot of my friends know and are really cool with it. Some of them are even comfortable enough to sit and check out girls with me!

But anyways, if your friends are really your friends then if you decide to tell them they shouldn't turn their backs on you. But if you feel like they would then I wouldn't tell them. You could kind of go around it and and say that you recently found out that one of your old friends turned out to be gay and you wanted to get some other opinion's on what you should do.

That's sorta what I did with some of my firends and when they said that they would be cool with it if one of their friends were gay I would tell them.

I hope that was some what helpful... Hope everything works out hun! And if you ever want to talk I am here, just pm, email or IM me any time!
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Re: Young Confused And No Control

Post by Jess »

when i was in 8th grade i lived in a small hick town, too..and a chick came out as lesbian and all of the guys wanted her to kiss another chick...and all of the gurls that were supposedly her friends turned against her. it was horrible. then i went to boarding school in 9th and 1/2 of tenth grade and i witnessed a guy struggling with whether or not to tell anyone and he got up in front of the entire school of 215 students and gave them a speech that eventually led to him coming out. they gave him a standing ovation. so ive seen people struggle, people come out, people being accepted, people being rejected...and i dont know what to tell you. I know what its like to have a secret that you want/need to tell, and to be afraid to tell..but it's so risky when you are around close-minded people. in the end, follow your heart. and people here at teen help will be here for you. :) good luck!
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Re: Young Confused And No Control

Post by girlyluvR4life »

hey smalltownchick,

i would wait a while to tell ppl, specially if they r 'homophobic'. i would def. wait until you had a good group of TRUSTWORTHY friends who prove to you that they rele do care for you. once you get a group of friends like that, u know no matter what your sexuality is, they should like you for you. this doesnt mean you ahve to tel them tho, personally, i think telin ppl your sexuality in high school is a bad decision because youll have to stick with that reputation for a long time and many gay ppl are left out of diff. things because of 'what' they are. the good thing to tellin ppl early in high school is that they will have a longer time to accept it and if they are decent/openminded human beings(which every1 is not)the aception of YOU FOR YOU shouldnta take that long. unfortuantly gay ppl are slandered all the time in schools that are very conservative and AGAINST homosexuals, and these studesnt have been taught throughtout their life that being gay is socially unacceptable and they will not be scared to criticize you for your sexuality.
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