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Re: Sexual Terms

Post by Minx »

hmm lets are the ones ive heard of...dick,cock, pleasure stick, mr.happy, pedro, meat, slappy stick, salami, hammer, and sliding pole....there are more but i cant remmber them....haha i named my one friends peter the pinky penis, another one big woody and the other was so much fun naming them for some reason
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Re: Sexual Terms

Post by partykid12 »

One eyed snake.
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Re: Sexual Terms

Post by OutCast »

You forgot the purple headed warrior and the pubpitiers :woot: :blink: :wacko::x

lol i think of so many stupid names.
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Re: Sexual Terms

Post by Sk8r_4_LiFe »

i am a banana
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Rosca: Yea cause they're gay. . .
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Re: Sexual Terms

Post by Mail Order »

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Re: Sexual Terms

Post by MaxPowerMrs »

hahahah Mr Sneeze...good call...

I hate the word COCK and the word PUSSY...they both sound so....blerh...
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Re: Sexual Terms

Post by Abbi »

ha ha i like cock...i mean..i like "the word" "cock" lol..that sounded bad...but i agree it sounds better than penis :D :blink: :blink:
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Re: Sexual Terms

Post by Crazy Bird »

I like the word cock better than penis - i agree penis does sound too childish and weird *lol* I also liked the word pussy or fadge better than vagina...dunno why just do. ;)

I always remember this one time I was with this guy and he whispered to me "can i lick your wet lettuce" and I couldn't stop laughing my arse off at him - it was so funny. Wet lettuce! Hahahahahaaaa :lol:
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Re: Sexual Terms

Post by daffodildreams »

you'd have to be pretty bored to start naming parts of your body which stick out. haha
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