How Do People In Love Behave?

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Re: How Do People In Love Behave?

Post by Minx » Mon Mar 10, 2003 8:07 am

hahahah they still have that on like nick-at-night or something...or did they get rid of it <_< ...... i asked a few of these liltte kids i know this: Whats it like when ppl go out?

"They go around everywhere togther. The boys hold all these shopping bags while the girls order them around" Katrina age 8

"I think they think they have like really good food all around their mouths and try to lick it off all the time. But i dont see any food when i look." Cameron age 6

" Whe boys and girls go ouy the bouys buy the girls lots of pretty shiny braclets. And when they buy something from the 25 cent candy machine thing we dump them" Karla age 10

hahahahha these kids are little kids i babysit sometimes...ya just gotta love
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