Recognition Of Members

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Re: Recognition Of Members

Post by Jaegermeister » Thu Feb 20, 2003 6:22 pm

Gandalf, I see what you are saying, and I kind of agree with you....... but.... (there's always a but) I think that if the award was too infrequent, or just given to a very select few, that people would probably get resentful eventually. For example, the admins and moderators agree that I am doing a good job. They give me an award. It's a pat on the back, a cookie, and under my avatar I have a little gold star. Everyone is really happy for me, and congratuates me, and I am pleasantly pleased, yet humble and modest. Jake though, while happy for me, is also thinking "That bastard, I've been here much longer than him, I should have gotten that gold star." And if it's not jake, it'll be someone. You know, and I don't think glorifying the few is going to really help, because people will want the glory for themselves. Everyone wants recognition. That's why I suggested a monthy(ish) "Member of the month". It will be common enough that noone will get resentful, and yet not just have everyone sitting around complimenting each other.

Jake... I completely understand how you feel. I thought about that for a bit too, but ultimately decided that it wouldn't hurt to give people pats on the back so that people know they are appreciated. I have another reason, but I will keep that private, but I'll PM you Jake.

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Re: Recognition Of Members

Post by CuteLilChk » Fri Feb 21, 2003 5:27 pm

I know, I was just feeding off of your suggestion. I guess my suggestion wasn't very accepted though... but it's okie dokie! :) This is the reason there is a forum for suggestions, to see other's opinions about someone's suggestion. :)
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