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Behind callousness I hide my emotions

Behind confidence I hide my fears

Behind strength I hide my insecurities

Behind forced smiles I hide many tears

Beind persistance I hide uncertainty

Behind nonchalance I hide much pain

Behind perfection I hide deep worthlessness

Behind fake pride I hide my shame

Behind hope I hide constant desperation

Behind serenity I hide desperate cries

Behind courage I hide neuroticism

Behind health I hide inner demise

Please don't ever judge my book by its cover

And don't listen to my covert lies

Because my unapproachable demeanor

Is simply a fear-driven disguise

My soul hides behind unpenetrable walls

My true self resides deep within me

Although fear makes such a task impossible

I want so badly to set "me" free

Please don't believe when I say I don't need help

Stop this cancer from taking its toll

For it you fail to see my hidden anguish

This blakness will soon destroy my soul :'(
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Re: Behind

Post by xxwhereisfredxx »

i like your whole poem! thats really good......and its its its...damnit i can't think of the word....i dunno i guess kinda revealing
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