my christmas angels

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my christmas angels

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i know i've made many mistakes in my past

and i know i can't take them back

but i wish with all of my heart that i could

if only i knew whom to ask

the sky's painted with a thousand beauties

that bring the joy of the world to my eyes

but that beauty is torn away again

everytime an angel cries

the angels that watch over me

have been sent down here to earth

and they've made as many mistakes as i

probably more, since their birth

but these angels are my valuable gifts

and at christmastime they are near

if it weren't for these angels that appear in my heart

i wouldn't have someone to wipe up my tear

the tears and the blood

i've spilt day to day in my pain

but the angels are smiling again today

so nomore tonight will they drain

but come tomorrow who knows where i'll be

and the pain could come once again

though i hope that it won't, i know that it will

but i'll try to take mercy on my skin

the best thing about being happy

tho i know it's untrue

is i think i'll never be unhappy again, but i always have you

so i still smile, even when i'm blue
~The best thing about being happy is thinking that you will never be unhappy again.

~Life's too short to be anything but happy.

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