Me (rap remix*)

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Me (rap remix*)

Post by phaz »

Yo whatup teenhelp Cittaaayyy

PHaZ up in this motha fucka

Cum on cum on

Yo, im 16, fuck im still a teen

Cant make a scene, till I hit a screen

Let me tell you bout myself, im a male

Im a trail, for you to follow in

Im white, im psych, and a take P----

----axil, fo my rap skillz, which I have none

so let me stop actin black, and we'll cut wit da crap... nigga?

lol just something I just made, no one take offence to what I say, Im just a fucked up teenager... or at least everyone else is
Remember, its not a lie, if you believe it!
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Re: Me (rap remix*)

Post by MaxPowerMrs »

:D Hey Phaz...umm, nice rap? bah lol.

The only rap I like is...The Streets.. Heard them? They're cool.
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Re: Me (rap remix*)

Post by raine »

That...scared me....

Never do that again, for the sake of all that's good and holy. :mellow:
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