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Post by Tina »

<_< Ive grown up in a very christian home...I have been taught that if you are bi/gay/lesbian you will go to hell because it is a sin and is very wrong...also if you commit suicide you go to hell as well...well I dont understand this at all cant help who you because you are bi/gay/lesbian that means you have to go to hell and apparently live a horrible afterlife or whatever? or if you don't see any other way out except suicide??? This is who we are and we will get punished for it? I'm so confused with this and It's been bothering me for who knows how long... :blink: do you guys think you could help clear things up for me a little? Or just give an opinion maybe? Thanks...
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Re: christianaity??!!!

Post by Adnama »

If every one who ever sined is going to hell, then, EVERY ONE is going to hell. I dont care how "good" of a life you think you've lived, if thats what's really gona happen, that we're gona be juged by how much "good" we've done, then, well NO ONE i mean NO ONE in the entire world, who ever lived, or ever will live, is going to heaven. Must be a pretty lonely place eh? Heak, even if you break ONE comandment, sin ONE time, you've broken every single one of the commandments. If you hate someone, well you've broken the commandment about murder. I could go on and on and on. But the thing is, we've ALL sined, and no sin is really... "worse" then another as far as God's conserned, they're all horrible to God, weather you steal $1000 and injur a bank teller in the process, or weather you steal some soap from a hotel, youre still stealing, your still a theif, and God sees you as such.

But see, thats not whats gona happen. God knows that theres no such thing as someone who dosnt sin, no one is richious, no not one. Thats what the bible says. Thats why Jesus died. We had a fine for sinning, that we coudlnt pay, and so Jesus steped in and payed it for us. That means that if you believe that, and you repent for your sins as best you can, and you try to live an ok life because thats what a christan is, then you go to heaven.

"There is no way to the father except by me" -Jesus, that means that you dont get to heaven by good works, and you dont nessisarily get to hell by bad works, you get to heaven by believeing in Jesus, and asking for forgiveness for your sins.

The way i see it, being bi/gay/lesbian isnt any worse then any other sin that any CHRISTAN or any one else has commited. None of us are perfect, we're not even close to perfect, we're so far from perfect that we cant even look at God, if we were to look at God we'd be so overwhelmed by goodness and hoilyness that we'd die right then. I'd suggest if someone who falls under one of those classifications is really troubled, they need to look into their hearts and listen, and try to see if any thing is telling them what they should do. There are seaveral places where it says taht the bible was mis traslated, and that the bible dosnt even say any thing aobut being homosexual! I wouldnt be surprized if this is true, and it probably is.

I know Jacob had a good site on the whole matter, i'd ask him for that URL.

As far as suicide goes, well, the bible dosnt really say any thing about suicide. No where dose it say, "thou shalt not take thou own life" or any thing. It says, "thou shalt not murder" but there is disagreement over weather or not thats the same thing. I dont think someone who believes in Jesus, has tryed to do their best, and has repented for their sins, who commits suicide, is going to hell, i really dont. But the bible dosnt really touch the subject very much that i know of.

I think i've rambled to long, hope that answered some of your questions though ^.^
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Re: christianaity??!!!

Post by frost »

in my point of view... the bible saids homosexuality is wrong

because it's part of God's design that man and woman be together

and homosexuality defies that...

and for suicide

they'll go to hell since.. sin can only be forgiven when one confesses they're wrong

so if they're commiting a crime against themselves

they won't have a chance to forgive themselves

but i don't think any sin is worse than others

they're all equal... cuz all of them are sins

doesn't really matter between a murder and a theft

although gov'ts treat them differently..
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Re: christianaity??!!!

Post by Jaegermeister »

Yeah, I agree with someone up there. Suicide to me is the ultimate doubt in my opinion. It's forsaking your trust in God. It's the most selfish act I can think of. Instead of trusting in God, you take matters into your own hands and give up any hope of being redeemed.

As for homosexuality, I don't know. The Bible does say that homosexuality is wrong, but I just don't know. I don't thik I can say either way. What I do think though, is that it cannot, I mean cannot be wrong to love someone. God is love, and it cannot be possible that God would forbid love.

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