how many times do i have to register!

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how many times do i have to register!

Post by girlyluvR4life » Mon Dec 30, 2002 5:06 pm

haha i know most of yall, shit, maybe even all of you dont know me......but...i have been part of this site for like a year or so, but i mainly kept to myself. im a girl, yes! a GIRL! haha and i love comin to this site, so it mite start gettin crowded with my posts pretty soon! haha, oh well! we'll see what happens. but im here to talk to nebody who wants to! i was fillin out an application to be a moderator, i mean i really do love to help ppl out, but unfortuantly i didnt finish/send the application in on time. so i missed my chance. but if you need nething, or want to know netning, just PM me. i know quite a bit bout drugs, disorders. and i can help in the sex/ sexuality/sexual stuff section too! so i hope you take the offer and talk to me!!!!!!haha peace , love....
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