Can Things Feel Okay??

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Can Things Feel Okay??

Post by KkMarie » Sun Jan 12, 2003 9:17 pm


Well things are okay for now.. Me and my boyfriend are doing well.. and me and my ex best friend sorted things out.. We are just gunna stay distance i guess.. which really sucks.. I have stayed away from the alcohol and cutting.. I hate not getting what i want.. and thats what i want right now.. the only thing that is my escape right now is my boyfriend. I am surrounding myself around him.. everything.. he is my world.. i dont know if that is good.. because if i lose him.. i will have lost myself.. and i dont think i can handle that.. That is what i fear the most right now.. But life will move on right? it has to.. I dont know.. Just a little scared about things.. But i am doing good today.. finally.. i feel a little bit of okay.. But i dont know.. hope everyone is having better days then me.. cause i am just hella confused and depressed.. but i guess i will go.. talk to you later..

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Re: Can Things Feel Okay??

Post by Barbies are Evil » Sun Jan 12, 2003 10:50 pm

Sweetie, you don't post in the right forums, not everything belongs in General!
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