Feels so low...

How can this be happening? Why is it always me? Do you ever ask yourself these questions or do you simply want to vent? Do it all here, we'll try to help.

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Feels so low...

Post by Cindy »

Ok, If yall have ever seen a photo(http://www.geocities.com/darkdeepmoon) of me, your most likly thinking "WTF is she doing in here" but I actually have very low selfesteem.

I was teased most of my life from 2nd grade till 8th grade, then after that all the teasing ended but the feeligns always stayied. I was teased cause i have bucked frount teeth, i had very bad taste in clothing (something i look back at photos and think "am i trying to be a guy or a girl?") and so many other things. Now that i'm finally past the point where the teasing dosen't bothing be, i'm still very self constance about my appearence. To me, My face is fine (besides my dark circles under my eyes) but the rest of me is eww. to me i have huge thies, a tummy that sticks out, and ugly feet. But everyone says I'm pretty. I don't understand. I know i'm ok looking but i still hate my body. any tips on how to overcome this fear of my body? so I can actually look at myself and not think "ewww!"?
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Re: Feels so low...

Post by Barbies are Evil »

TJ[10:13 PM]: no not really..... it's all so.... like wow..... screw steps, you took a fuckin jet pack and strapped it on yourself and rocketed your way forward (thats my big bro)

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Re: Feels so low...

Post by Gandalf »

You can't compare your life now with what it was in 2grade. Look back on your life and laugh, because its totally different now. When I few years ago I used to look so stupid, I had this big kink in my hair about half way across my fringe, and I didn't even notice. To look back on those things now though, I really do just laugh. You can't compare your judgement then, with what it is now.

I didn't see your latest pics, only the old ones, but now you look even better! :P Please don't get frustrated with that, it's true, don't be too critical of yourself, tiny little imperfections don't matter, when a guy looks at a face at least, the whole picture is what he sees.
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