Asking friends over

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Asking friends over

Post by nj100688 »

its better to have people think you're stupid then open your mouth and prove it

If you're going through hell, keep going. Winston Churchill

people often over look that a one in a million chances is still a chance
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Re: Asking friends over

Post by Sosa »

well first off im not real into invitin people into my house because usually if im wit people were going to go get stoned and my mom is nosey so I don't usually have a lot of people along with myself up smoking in my room.but when I do bring peope over(which I have been doin more often because on weekends sometimes my mom will spend the night at the hospital with my grandma)ok well ne way i just call up people or usually since I just sit around and be lazy some1 will call, either one works just perfectly. all you do is just be like u tryin to do somethin 2nyt and dependin on wat they say you then say wat do u wanna do? and then the plannin begins.or if you only see them at skool then on friday or whenever jus be like u tryin to do somethin after skool?n again depending on wat they say just be like wat u wanna do then?

or somethin along those lines i dunno i dont really have this problem and talking to people isnt really a problem for me ne im very sorry if i didnt help
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