say wha.......

Have a major crush on that special girl but she doesn't like you in the least? Are you in love with a guy who doesn't even notice you? Whatever it might be, ask here. We'll give you some advice.

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say wha.......

Post by HockeyPlayinPsychoChick »

ok...theres this guy that likes me and he KINDA knows i know he likes me. i kinda like him but i know he wont do anythin but hes always flirting with me and crap. anyone have somesort of suggestion as to what to do?
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Re: say wha.......

Post by frost »

if u don't like him that much..

wait for him to make the move

if he does, that's great maybe u guys can get to know each other more

and if he doesn't... it's not like a big loss or anything right?
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Re: say wha.......

Post by iHEAVENn »

i agree with frost :)
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