Should I Keep Waiting?

Have a major crush on that special girl but she doesn't like you in the least? Are you in love with a guy who doesn't even notice you? Whatever it might be, ask here. We'll give you some advice.

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Should I Keep Waiting?

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Alrighty, a few of you know of my lil drama crap about me and my long crush Nathan. Back in September I told Nat that I've liked him for about 2 years. He told me that he also has liked me for a while (but not as long) but he didn't want to relationship cuz he didn't want to feel tied down. Well I really totally understand, cuz I was just looking into casual dating then into a relationship. So i was telling him that its fine, and that i won't push/pressure him into making a choice like that.

Well we talked alot between classes, and during break, and he said he liked me out of all these girls that liked him. cuz i wasn't pushing him into a relationship and that i was myself, not tryin to impress him. So i asked him to the dance just like a lil date, but nothing serious. when we talked on the phone he said he would go.

so about an hour later i'm at the school going to the dance, i see him there, but he doesn't really talk to me. (he was around his friends, so i didn't really want to bother him either) so about 15 minutes into the dance i go up to him and his lil group. (he dressed kinda punk, and some of my other friends, his friends also, dress punk) and one of my friends Heather (who also liked nat, which i found out earlyer that day) was like rubbing up all over him. So i was just about to ask him to dance, then Nat hits or does something to Heather's cousin (brittney) and she said "heather you better get your boyfriend under control" so i was like, what? I pull Britt aside, asked her if they were really going out, she said yeah. i just start balling. I mean i have NEVER ever cryed over a guy like that, and the tears just freakin flowed.

I was sooo upset, i went up to him and asked why he didn't tell me, and that he led me on to believe he actaully liked me. and he tells me that he thought that someone told me, but he said that he was going to ask me out that night at the dance, but he forgot (HE FORGOT!) that he asked Heather out a few days ago. he gave me a note he was going to give her earlyer that day but he never saw her, it was about taking back his question, he said right after we got off the phone that she called and told him yes. and he didn't want to hurt her feelings by telling her that he changed his mind and liked me, so he instead broke my heart. LoL

well a lil bit before Christmas break i started going to his house (he lives about 3 miles away and i got my license :) ) and she starts to get so damn jealous! well newayz to make a long story half way short, she was treating him like shit, i came over there alot, just hung out with him, he end up breaking up with her before school started up (jan 6) i told him i still like him alot, but friendship comes first, so i don't want to push him into a relationship with me.

But Thursday when i went to his house, we had like the best time, we were play fighting, and he would never really hurt me like he would when he would be dating heather. and it got kinda physical, lol, i would be laying on his bed, and he pinned my arms and like he would put his hands on my breast, and would threaten to titty twist, LoL, but he would just look at me, and let go, and say he would never do that, and then he would pick me up and flip me onto his bed, lol. we had a great time

but then friday when i was spending the night at his house (wit his sis) he came in from after work and would hardly talk to me. we (his sis and i) was trying to get him to go to the movies so i would have a date (his sis and her b/f was going) and he was like no i don't want to go, i'm spending the night with cory, stuff like that. and i go to his room with him, and he acts like i'm not even there. it really hurt my feelings, cuz i hate it when he does this. his sis Kourtnie notices a lil, but her b/f Ty (hes a good friend of mine) always points it out, he doesn't mean it in a bad way, but he made me realize how much Nathan ignores me sometimes, and how he acts like him not even there. Ty always says he feels sorry for me, lol, :-p but hes a real sweetheart

NEWAYZ, back to the question, i like nat a whole lot, i've waited for awhile, but i mean i hate it when he treats me like this, i don't do that to him, i'm almost always there when he needs to vent, when he has a problem, but then the next day he pretends i'm glass. its so freakin confusing, i don't wether to wait for him to be ready for a relationship or just to move on. :wacko: :'( :blink:
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Re: Should I Keep Waiting?

Post by iHEAVENn »

hmm sounds like he likes u but he just doesnt know how to show it, or hes affraid of bein commited to one girl, if this has been hapenin for awhile i think u should start lookin at other possible bf's but kinda wait for him to confusin but im sure itll all work out in the end :) good luck
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