Why Cant She Just Understand

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Why Cant She Just Understand

Post by wotland princess » Mon Jan 20, 2003 11:30 pm

ok i am in a LDR.I have been for a year and 6 months on saturday. I am in love with my b/f. We are 710 miles away from each other. In july he came to visit me my mom said to him i will take her out to see you in dec well my mom then told me i dont have the time off to take you out there she had 2 weeks off to take me. Now i get to see him in july after a year of not bein able to see him my mom is takin me out there just for 1 WEEK!!!! i cant believe this after one year just for a week. My mom doesnt understand what i am goin threw i am in love and havin to be away from the man i love. She has never had love before. My mom doesnt seem to trust me. I just want to be able to be there for a few weeks this summer. She wont drop me off. I just dont know why she cant understand. She excepts me to do nothin this summer when i can be in NY with my b/f. I think what she is worried about is me havin sex (i wouldnt do that) i need help i dont know what to do with her no more. I really want to see my b/f this summer for more than a week. plz reply

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