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Post by iHEAVENn » Thu Jan 23, 2003 12:18 am

he's sitting there again

there in that corner

claiming to be waiting for a friend

everyone wonders what he is thinking

no one knows he hasnt been drinking

they calim he has a family

they claim he had a wife

never shall they know he stabbed them with that knife

that silver knife that sits

it lays there in his sweaty fist

eyes turning black

heart beating fast

the voice he hears is loud

hes starting to draw a crowd

the sign in the front says no police aloud

they bash down the door

and see him layin on the floor

the silver knife in his

the blood they can not stand

there at his feet

is a note describeing the guy he wanted to meet

when they lay him in the ground

their hearts begin to pound

for what was really written on that note

none of them will ever know..

'dont ask i just got bored again'
[CENTER]Man I wish you just left me alone.... Cause I was almost home.......

.:..::.?? Toga party anyone ??.::..:.


[CENTER]-:Logan Jacob:-


-:6:21 a.m.:-

-:7 pounds 4 ounces:-

The most precious gift my husband has given to me



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