Yuletide Story

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Yuletide Story

Post by etoiledefootball » Thu Jan 23, 2003 9:18 pm

I've been told to never give up by people a plenty, even if you are bruised and bloody. They never laid in this street gutter as I do now with my wounds pouring steam on this cold night. The tears streak my face. How did my Christmas come to this? The blood pouring out of my body along with the green light from the bar I was laying outside of made me think of yuletide carols with family and friends, drinking and joy, presents and the like. Knowing I was going to leave this behind tonight made me shed a solitary tear in spite of myself. I saw no movement down this street for a long time, until I saw a stir in the distance a good 40 feet away. Watching this minion of the night waltz closer to my place where I rested made me dizzy. I felt a twinge in my arm, my body felt odd. I, for no apparent reason pulled out a pen and a business card and wrote on it "Happy Holidays, Have what you like" I placed my wallet and quickly brandished card in my glove's palm and held my hand open. As I grew weary my mind started to go blank and I felt my hand being touched. The person I had seen kissed me on the face and said a prayer of Catholic origin and forced my eyelids shut. I lay there for a good minute before I felt like I was floating and my body was being lifted toward the sky. The light grew bright and my surroundings faded. With my body behind me I left the Yuletide sight behind.
"All I have

All I am

Nothing you are"


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