You Will Read My Crappy Poem

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You Will Read My Crappy Poem

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:P :P LOL! heres something i wrote for everyone who thinks suicide is the only way out. Suicide is not the only way out and if you are thinking of it read this. the rest of you who are read it anyways :P :P

take my hand i would like to show you my past.

then and only then when you have seen my life through your

eyes shall you understand why i am the

way i am.

it is not because im strong its

simply because i know that they are wrong.

people will allways be there to put you down

but when your feeling sad or lonely remember

im allways here.

never will they get to me

never shall they break through.

each and every

smile i fake i fake them for you.

simply to give you hope that you can get through what

ever it is that is pushing you to the end

remember i will allways be your friend.

if you are thinking about suicde please pm someone before you do anything to hurt yourself! :) thanx for reading now go back to what ever you were doing :P
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