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the past becomes tangible when i think about you

things become alive and eat me through

i cannot erase all the things that i've done

nor add to the things that never begun

i wish i could turn back and enrich the empty space

i'd never let go..i'd show my real face

all i have now are regrets bitter and cold

for not giving in, for breaking the mold

you were always there and always so kind

now im just stuck here, the one left behind

'the road not taken,' a thought that doesnt go away

a thought that's so strong and holds its sway

the sad part is..i never wanted you

you were the one that tried to pull me through

and now that im here, ready to accept it all

you've moved on..behind an impenetrable wall

now i cant find you..or bring you back to me

bitter regret is all there is left to see

the past becomes tangible when i think about you

it eats me eats me through.
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Re: Regret

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:o That was really good!
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"They turn the lights down low,

In shadows hiding from the world,

Only coming out when it gets cold.

The seas part when they hit the floor,

The voices carry on and out the door

And everything you touch turns into gold

Like the angel you are you laugh creating a lightness in my chest,

Your eyes they penetrate me,

(Never cease to amaze me)

That's when I got up and left" Like The Angel - Rise Against
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Re: Regret

Post by iHEAVENn »

:) i love reading your poems their all good! keep it up :D
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