Friends With Benifiets

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Friends With Benifiets

Post by unoshawty » Sun Feb 02, 2003 10:22 am

Alright... I have a best friend... He knows everything about me and everything... How we met and became friends is I was friends with his cousin way back when (he doesnt like her then or now) and she called and tried to hook us up cuz i liked him. then we became really good friends. Now I like him again, and i want to go out with him, but he says we shouldnt because we both have the same problem, we go out with a friend or anyone then after we break up, we never talk to them the same way again... sometimes we cant even stand them. We've been "friends with benefiets" for a while. Should I just be happy with that, or should i try and get him to realise we're more??

But also, I went out with my other best friend a couple of months back and were broken up and we cant stand eachother. .... so what should i do?

We hang out and do things together (be it sexually or non) all the time :huh: :unsure:
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Re: Friends With Benifiets

Post by MaxPowerMrs » Sun Feb 02, 2003 10:49 am

Hmmm, well I'd say just keep things as they are. Because you have a good friend there, and looking at what you said about ex partners it sounds best to just keep it at bay. I'd just leave it and not make any moves to take things further...but if it just develops don't stop it...

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