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10 Ways to Build Your Confidence

by | Jun 19, 2009 | Self Esteem

  1. Stand in front of the mirror every morning and find one thing that you like about yourself. Stand there until you find one and say to yourself 3 times: I love my …(nose, hair etc). Do this every morning finding a different part of your body that you like! It sounds silly but it works!!!
  2. Go on a shopping spree. Find an outfit which REALLY suits your looks, shape, and goes nicely with your eyes. If it matches your eyes…it will look best on you! Boys go for something that makes your body more toned!
  3. If you are afraid that your image is getting too old or boring go for a totally new look! Get a new haircut and a new outfit and transform yourself into a person you love yourself!
  4. Organize a fun day out with your friends. This will cheer you up since friends are always there if you need a laugh!!!
  5. Write down the things you DON’T like about yourself on a piece of paper, then burn it or tear it up whilst saying (with feel) I LOVE ME. THERE IS NOTHING THAT I DO NOT LIKE. say it until you feel reassured!
  6. Tidy your room!  Its a true fact (and it really works!) that if u tidy your room u feel better about yourself! a messy room sends out bad vibes which your body picks up making you feel bad about yourself!!!
  7. Don’t blame yourself if people are being mean to you…tell someone who you trust or ignore them!!!
  8. Get each of your friends (or family members) to write down on a piece of paper 3 reasons why they like you, then read them to yourself! you’ll soon cheer up to know you are loved!
  9. If you have acne or a brace or feel a bit too fat…then you are like me! Acne can be sorted…see a special skin doctor. Don’t suffer in silence! I know how awful these things are! If you have a brace that upsets you…just remember that when they comes off you will have nicer teeth than everyone else and it will be worth it!!! and if you feel a bit fat chances are…YOU ARE NOT! I was researching for English class and a whopping 87% of teenage girls think they are too fat and THEY ARE NOT!!! So don’t worry. If you are concerned then try exercising once a day.
  10. Think of the thing(s) that are making you feel bad about yourself and think up 5 ways to improve it! write them down and get to work on doing them! then u will feel better.

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