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Our website is a teen help network made up of teen mentors that have the desire to reach out and connect with one another. We are a volunteer based not for profit organization that survives on the kind-hearted sponsors and members of our site. Our staff members have not been chosen for their spot-free record, but rather for the real life experiences that they bring with them that may be useful in the resolution of fellow teens' problems.

We have many different methods of help available to you. The most popular being our Support Groups section which consists of message forums. Our Support Groups operate on the idea of a group help environment where you can get multiple responses to your situation, from other teens. LIVE CHAT is also available, if you prefer a live chatting environment with other teens that have been selected for their ability to help others.

We have a wide range of articles on a variety of different topics & subjects that include suicide, depression, sex & sexuality, self harm, rape/abuse, school & after school, bullies, relationships, family/friends, smoking, self esteem, religion/spirituality, general health, disorders & eating disorders, and drugs/alcohol and miscellaneous.

If you are in need of immediate help you may wish to visit our RESOURCES section. This section consists of a listing of hot lines and other websites that may be helpful to you.

We are here to help guide the misguided and help you as much as possible through our teen advice, based on real life experiences.

You are encouraged to speak out using the method that makes you feel most comfortable.

You can write into HelpingTeens with confidence knowing that someone cares.

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