Bullies Are All Around Us. This Is How You Can Deal With Some Of Them.

Bullies aren't just found in school. Unfortunately bullies are found everywhere, from school, at work and even to some people, the war on terrorism is viewed at bullying. This is not something we can get rid of but we can learn to cope with it.

  1. Don't act mean back, instead act as if he were any other person. An example is if someone says to you: "Loser!" You reply back with: "oh, hi! how are you doing?" Since he is trying to get on your nerves acting nice back would be the complete opposite response this person would expect thus confuse him.
  2. If someone is saying something about you, the best thing you can do is agree with it or even better is to top it. An example would be if someone tells you, "You had sex with this person you shut!" You reply, "yes I did. Want the juicy details?" Even if it is not true it will really shock them.
  3. Say "how is this effecting you?" or something around those lines. An example is if someone says "You are wearing a pink shirt, ha ha ha!" You simply reply "Ya, and this is effecting you, how?" This line will set them straight.
These things may not work with everyone but in most cases they do. It all depends on the person and how well they buried their better side.