"How Drugs Impact Your Life" - A Short Story.

I was married and divorced by the time I turned 19. My life seemed like a big joke to me, and things kept getting worse by the day.

I moved to a different town with a guy I had started dating and thought I could start a new life and forget my past, but I never learned to cope with my problems before I took another big step. I started using every drug imaginable because I thought they would help me forget about my problems. But, as I now have learned, the drugs only ended up making things even more difficult. I fought with my boyfriend constantly and my family disowned me. I eventually lost everything of any value to me. I hit rock bottom before I ever realized that my problems were only getting deeper every time I took drugs.

It was a difficult task to stop, but I did. I broke up with that guy and my family let me back into their lives. I now have a great job and a family that loves me and will always be there for we when I am down... And there is NO drug in the entire world that could ever make me forget that.