Drug Rules, For the Responsible Drug User

**We at HelpingTeens do not condone the usage of illegal drugs.  This article is not meant to support the usage of such substances but only to educate on such substances**

As a drug user, I wish to attempt to keep the drug community's image as pristine and immaculate as possible. To do so, I have collaborated a conation of rules that are easy to follow and adhere to. These are rules that any responsible drug user should be able to take notice of.

  • You will understand the effects of all recreational drugs that you choose to take prior to ingestion, to the absolute best of your ability. You will research all relevant neurochemical, psychological, physiological, and spiritual effects, the legal issues surrounding the drug and its use, and other such relevant information.
  • When taking a drug that you are inexperienced with, you shall begin with a reasonably low dose suggested to be psychoactive by the aforementioned research before progressing to higher dosages. You will measure the drug carefully, with an accurate scale, when possible and applicable.
  • If it is possible that the drug may contain harmful adulterants or in fact be a different drug altogether, you shall have the drug chemically analyzed for purity and content. If this is not possible, you will use caution and follow the apropriate course of action, if not refrain from taking the substance in entirety.
  • You will learn the overdose limits for my own body weight and adjust them for any possible synergistic effects due to diet, prescription or other drugs. You will also adjust for dangerous side effects and your own health conditions, if such conditions are applicable to the ingestion of a drug. You will also learn of any possible drug interactions and make sure that you are not at risk.
  • While under the effects of a drug, you will not take physical risks such as driving, climbing, swimming, or any other such physical activity in which your actions may cause harm to yourself or others.
  • When first using a drug that you are inexperienced with, you shall take it in the company of an experienced user, also known as a 'sitter'. The 'sitter' will remain sober during this experience, and will also have fully researched the drug. If this is not possible, you will make sure there is a responsible route or a backup plan to deal with any hap-hazards which may occur during your experience.
  • You will not attempt to sway, force, trick, or otherwise coerce another person or animal into taking any drug; instead, you will discuss previous drug experiences and research politely and honestly, allowing other people to make their own personal decisions about drug use. Do not offer people who are not drug users joints. Do not attempt to convince other people to adhere to your lifestyle.
  • You will defend the rights of others to make educated, responsible decisions about drug use. You will not support any person or movement that attempts to remove or abridge said rights.
  • You will not allow your drug use to overshadow or disrupt the other important aspects of your life: social interaction, employment, relationships, personal pursuits, etc.
  • You will also take some responsibility for the drug use of friends and relatives. If their drug use becomes dangerous to their health or personal relationships, you will try to intervene in a safe, calm, and logical manner to the best of you ability.
  • You will take drugs only in my free time, when you are not answerable to an employer or responsible for another person's health or well-being.
  • As a drug consumer, you will embrace responsible drug production and distribution methods, such as growing or manufacturing your own substances. You will shun suppliers who use violence when not necessary for their self-defense.
  • If you can not pronounce the chemical or the drug, you do not deserve to take it. Do you know what DMT stands for? Then don't do it.