What Is Friendship & Why Do You Need It?

Why do we all truly feel we need friends in life? Is it because we feel so incomplete without them? Is it because we need someone to talk to and confide in? The truth is, every person looks for a true best friend and friendship in general to feel wanted. Also, because without them, life can seem and be more difficult then it actually is or has to be. Friends are the persons we want to be there for when we need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. Someone to either hang out with after school, or a person to confide in and be able to trust no matter the condition or what the situation at hand is. Friends are something every person needs in life. If you cannot trust your friends, then are they really your friends? Are they special enough for you to consider them your "friends". I believe if someone calls you their "friend" then you should feel special. This is a big thing to me. Since "friends" is something you do need in life, sometimes it is what keeps a person sane. Without friendship and friends life would be very boring, not having that friend to call up to go to the mall and watch the boys, or to be your date at the school dance when nobody else will be. A friend is someone who is not ashamed to be seen with you in public. They are proud to call you a friend and cherish the friendship to the end.

Many of us also live life with friends we like to call our "best friends". What is a best friend exactly? A friend who you think is the best? That special person or those special people who are always there for you? The people you put the most trust in and want to be with the most? Best friends, to most people are the ones that are THE TRUE friends and no matter what the situation is, no matter what you do (within limits) they are right there standing by your side. A best friend should be a person who will help you when your upset, even if it's at them, they will try and make you laugh when your feeling down. They will overall just sit and listen to you in any time of need. A best friend is more likely a friend, just one you feel that much closer to, or a person you just truly trust; more then any of your regular friends. Best friends overall, are just the people you like most, or trust most.

Many people go through life without a "best friend". Without that special person to confide in, or that person to call up when you think you finally fell "in love". I believe, without a best friend, that time in life would not be very enjoyable. So many people feel left out, or that nobody cares about them, when most of the time, there is that person who sits down everyday and watches you; who just wishes they could walk up to you and say "hello". This person sits down everyday and just wants to be your friend because they either themselves have no true friends or just want to be yours. Everyone has a best friend, some do not know it, some do not want to face this fact, and some just don't believe it. I truly believe no matter who you are, whether you are black, white, purple, pink, blue, jewish, english, french, catholic, or any other religion or race, that you do have a best friend, you just may not know it yet. Overall, friendship is something many of us take advantage of and don't realize how important and special it is to us until it is gone; or until we talk to people who believe they have none at all. If you take advantage of your friendship with a person, do you truly deserve to be their friend? Think about it!