Bridal Flowers Arrangements.

A wedding is a formal occasion, which is replete with several customs and traditions. These customs and traditions have been practiced for generations together and people still follow them with great reverence. One of the most discussed features of the wedding is the bridal costume that has several finer details associated with it. Every aspect of the bridal costume reflects grace, beauty and classic touch. The white wedding gown, the white netted veil and the wedding flowers are all the integral features of a bridal costume. Yet another component that completes the image of a bride is the bridal bouquet that is carried by the bride while approaching the altar. The bridal bouquet has a special significance and selected by the bride herself.

The Bridal Bouquet

Flowers have always been associated with human emotions and hence it is not surprising that they are an integral part of a wedding ceremony. Every silk flower or artificial flower stands for a specific attribute like roses stand for love, freesia represent trust while ferns stand for sincerity.

The task of creating a bridal bouquet is eagerly awaited by every bride and a great thought is put into selecting the right flowers for the bouquet. The bridal bouquet also carries a special significance and represents the blossoming of a young maiden. Also after the wedding is solemnized, while leaving the venue the bride throws the bouquet over her back among a group of unmarried girls and whoever catches it is said to be the next to be married. Brides usually select their favourite flowers to incorporate in the bridal bouquet. The most commonly used flowers are roses, orchids, dried lavenders, lilies, geraniums and poinsettias.

Once the flowers have been selected they are clubbed together by adding fresh grapevines, ferns and leaves. These are the most natural elements that complement the flowers in the bouquets. Apart from these, the bouquets are also decorated with silk flowers, laces, ribbons and silk materials that lend a royal touch to the bouquet. To enhance the bouquet it must be accessorized with these embellishments so that beauty of the flowers is accentuated.

Making the Right Bouquet

It is important that the bride follows a few tips while designing her bouquet in order to get it perfect. She can select the conventional, seasonal flowers or even artificial flowers, which would make her bouquet, look different. Sometimes brides also prefer wild flowers to give an exclusive look to their bouquets. It is also important to ensure that the bouquet matches the gown of the bride and also easy to carry. The bouquet must be compact and well covered so that it does not get damaged during the wedding. The modern trend is dominated by bright colors and exotic flowers like orchids and tropical flowers. The classic bridal bouquets comprise of flowers like roses and carnations usually in light pastel shades like pink, yellow or peach.

There are various types of bouquets available for brides like entire-rose bouquet, multi-colored bouquets and even white bouquets. When brides customize their bouquets, they must keep in mind the color and size of every flower. Brides can also consult a florist to make her bouquet the most beautiful and charming assortment.